Panchakarma procedures

India`s Ayurveda is an ancient rehabilitation system. The main principle of Ayurvedic knowledge – do not cause harm. Unique methods of treatment, stops pathologies development, and takes care of behavioral and psychological aspects of the patient.

Indian Ayurveda is not limited to curing only certain parts of the body, it affects the whole body.

General information.

doshiAyurvedic treatment consists of more then 20 treatment programs. Course duration may vary from 2 to 6 weeks. If you want to get a deep and tangible purifying effect, your trip has to last for 2-3 weeks.  If your plan is to embark for 1 week, perhaps you should reconsider; since you might not experience the positive effect.

Traditional medicine in USA or Europe will be more effective, then      an interrupted Ayurvedic course.

During each visit to the cabinet equipped according to Ayurveda science you can receive 3 to 6 procedures. The duration is usually about 1,5 hours.

The variety of procedures is truly astonishing: pouring warm milk over your body, steam bath, special oil enema, massage.

Rubbing in oil usually is done with 4 hands (two therapists simultaneously)

For woman the therapists are female, and vice a versa.

The three doshas:

Indian Ayurvedic medicine claims that human health is based on the balance of three doshas:

  • Vata – source of kinetic energy. This dosha controls breathing, pulsation of heart, nerve cells impulses, senses.
  • Kapha – stability of body and liquids, It is responsible for durability of tissues, personifies attachment, maintains memory and immunity.
  • Pitta – the equilibrium of body`s energy. This dosha is responsible for metabolism, body temperature and eyes glitter.


While planning your Ayurvedic treatment tour, you have to accept the fact that there are some restrictions:

  • Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes are flatly prohibited
  • Minimum of activity is allowed  (running, swimming, long walks)
  • No sunbathing, less work with computer, TV and reading

Ayurveda is an Indian medicine, and diet plays an important role. Along with the dietary course patients are offered a unique possibility to master pranayama (proper breathing methods) and practice asanas  (life prolonging exercises).

Ayurvedic procedures

On the contrary to the traditional medicine the treatment prescribed is solely individual.

The basic Ayurvedic procedures that you can include in your tour can be as follows:

  • Abhyangam – unique body oil massage, can improve your sleep, delay aging. A deep and rhythmical massage usually opens the treatment and is done during the whole course.
  • Avisnanam: Steam bath, made with medicinal herbal extracts, done only for the body (head stays outside the barrel) Panchakarma procedures allows to get rid of excess weight, detox the body, improve skin condition.
  • Vasti  – special oil and herbal enemas
  • Dhanyamla Dhara – Warm herbal extracts and medicinal liquids are rhythmically applied on the patient`s body. Used to cure back pains, paralyses, and neurological disorders.


aurveda-1USA and European climate is not necessary conducive to healthy life style. Temperature jumps, precipitations along with the everyday anxieties, and wrong lifestyle, contributes to accumulation if slags and toxins in the body.  It results in low stamina, tiredness, energy deficit, and the body fails to purify itself.

In spite of the fact, that there are a lot of clinics in USA and Europe, you there you hardly will be prescribed pouring warm milk on your body to cure stroke or oil enema to get rid of slags or vascular distention.

Ayurvedic method of panchakarma – is a systematical program aimed for body detox, freedom from toxins and poisons, which cripple our normal activities. Massages, steam baths, masks application, applying medicinal oils into patient`s nose is used for purification.


The system is effective after the course of treatment. The goal of this method is to increase the tone of life, regain ability to work. During the course the immunity is boosted, skin`s elasticity is restored, fatiguability is decreased.

In most caes the treatment system consists of:

  • Steam bath with healing oils or milk vapors;
  • Herbal extracts baths;
  • Massages with creams;

Lose weight

Ayurvedic methods allow losing excess weight easily and painlessly. Special diets and procedures are very soft. Ayurvedic wight loss does not have any symptoms of classics diets such as increased fatiguability, dizziness, mood swings and short temper.

According to the Ayurvedic diet there is no need to limit the amount of food. If you follow the recommendations carefully, in 2-5 weeks you will be able to forget about 10-15 kg. Life in India will turn into a fairy tale.

Face beauty

Course allows to get rid of wrinkles, normalize skin pigmentation. After the procedures the effect in tangible, skin becomes softer, more elastic, regains healthy color.

The program must include a marma therapy, applying pressure to the biologically active spots. Also clearing masks and inhalation could be prescribed.

Stress relief

aurveda-2Indian Ayurvedic system is meant for bringing chronic stress relief, insomnia, and nervous breakdowns. Indian philosophy states that healthy mind is the general source of health.

The course allows you to leave behind depression, fears and moroseness.  Doctor can recommend yoga classes, meditation, massages, and steam baths. Shirodhara is a very relevant procedure.

Medicinal oils and warm extracts are poured slowly onto patient’s forehead. This Indian methodic pacifies the intelligence, stimulates memory, and takes care of nervous tension.

Ayurvedic resorts in India.

  • Ayushakti – is a very beautiful and cozy Ayurvedic resort, attracts with comfort and high quality of services.
  • Ashvinidhama – is well known for its strong team of professionals, affordable prices, and general high quality.
  • Svastha – quality treatment and competent personnel.



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