Tourist visa to India

Would like to combine recreation and revitalize the body? A health tour from Germany, Switzerland, Europe and USA will get you to the astonishing world of Indian spices, traditions and unique healing methods.

The science of life (Ayurveda) is an alternative medicine, recognized by the World Health Organization.

According to statistics more then 150 000 foreigners embark to India for an Ayurvedic treatment.

Ayurveda – features of Indian medical science.

To regain general body health and treat different deceases, only natural medicines of vegetable, mineral and animal origin are used.

The foundation for most procedures is oiling. The body is satiated with medicinal oils, from within and without.

In the process of treatment toxins and poisons soluble with fat are binded and then extracted naturally in no time.

Panchakarma is the most important procedure of Ayurveda  (five stages of body purification) The method is unique and unprecedented.  It allows detoxifying all tissues of the body efficiently.

Visa for an Ayurvedic tour to India

U.S. and Shengen (EU, EUROPE) citizens seeking to enter India solely for tourist purposes, and planing to stay no longer than 30 days, may apply for an electronic travel authorization at least four days prior to their arrival in India.

An application for e-Tourist Visa must be made at least four calendar days in advance of the date of arrival. The visa is valid for a single entry with a maximum stay of 30 calendar days from the date of arrival, and can be obtained twice in a calendar year. The duration of stay cannot be extended. The eTV fees are divided into four slabs of zero, US$25, US$48 and US$60, depending on nationality (based on reciprocity), plus a bank fee of 2.5% of the visa fee.

What should I take with me?

You have already grabbed an optimal price Ayurvedic tour; it is time to pack your luggage. In order to visit an Indian clinic, enjoy a warm climate and unique Ayurvedic treatment methods, it is advised to leave all unnecessary things behind.

It is generally recommended to take a small first aid kit, including certain remedies for high temperature, diarrhea, footsore cream, etc. Pack comfortable shoes and cotton clothes for excursions.

A little advice: take a few small souvenirs. Local people would love to receive a small gift from a traveler form USA or Europe (EU) such as a small badge, post card, notebook, or a small coin.

Leave your application for an Ayurvedic tour or Indian Visa.

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.
from $95


Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.
from $520

Траванкор Херитедж

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.
from $160

Клиника ANHC

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.
from $106

Сома Палмшор

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.
from $86

Аюрведический Центр Янтра

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.
from $106

Аюрведический Центр Чакра

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.
from $88

Soukya Holistic Health and Ayurveda Treatment Centre

Бангалор, Карнатака
Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.
from $466

Лейк Виллидж Аюрведик Резорт

Коттаям, Керала
Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.
from $130

Ayurvedic centre Dhimahi Nilimangalam

A new Ayurvedic centre Dhimahi-Nilimangalam is a branch of Ayurvedic clinic Atreya that is famous its professional medical stuff and…
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Bethsaida Hermitage Resort

The Bethsaida Hermitage is very popular and over the past few years has repeatedly been awarded prizes and certificates confirming…
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Rajah Eco Beach

Rajah Eco Beach Ayurvedic clinic, opened in January 2018. Is located on the shore of the Arabian Sea, near the…
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Ayurveda bhavan

Ayurveda Bhavan Clinic is located in North part of India at the root of The Himalayas, in the sacred city…
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Rajah Island

The Rajah Island Clinic is a part of the Rajah Ayurveda clinic chain. It is located on a beautiful picturesque…
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Rajah Healthy Acres

Rajah Healthy Acres resort is located on a vast territory of a rubber-tree plantation, which is about 200 acres (80…
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Atreya Ayurveda

Ayurvedic medical center Atreya Ayurveda is the place for recovering both your mind and your body. Combining traditional methods with state-of-the-art advanced…
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Kalari Rasayana

Kalari Rasayana clinic is located on the shores of Lake Paravur, where recovery of the body and spirit takes place…
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Kolari Kovilakom

The Palace for Ayurveda -- Kalari Kovilakom Kalari Kovilakom is an ancient Palace in the Vengunad Kingdom, located in Kerala…
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Ayurveda center «IndRa» is located at Zdrava Dacha in Kungurka village, 40 km from Ekaterinburg, in the heart of Ural…
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Somatheeram clinic opened in 1985 year and became the first Ayurvedic centre in the world where resort atmosphere reigns. It…
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Manaltheeram is an Ayurvedic clinic run by the same company that in 1985 founded the world’s first Ayurvedic resort –…
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Rajah Beach

Located on the beach, Rajah Beach Ayurvedic resort offers a perfect combination of price, comfort and quality of treatment.  The…
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Panchakarma Institute Dr. Franklin

Dr. Franklin’s clinic appeared in 1997 year. Its founder from childhood was familiar with Ayurveda practices and eventually found that he…
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The center of Ayurveda and Yoga «Avyukta» is located in North India, in the Rishikesh city, in the foothills of…
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Vidyalaya family clinic

Дхарешвара, Карнатака
Vidyalaya family clinic – its Ayurvedic center near the city of Gokarna (State of Karnataka, South India). You will receive…
from $ 60

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