Panchakarma clinics in India and their advantages

Panchakarma clinics in India

Panchakarma clinics in India provide visitors with a course of treatment and cleansing of the body. Who has recently known about cleansing and healing Panchakarma procedure, shall realize that it is a serious activity requiring responsible approach from both sides. Diet, day regimen, the implementation of procedures prescribed by a doctor, and even rest – all play a large role for the general recovery and regeneration of the body.

Mysterious Indian lands have become the place where ancient knowledge came from. As per opinion of the respectful historians and archeologists, such scriptures as Vedas and Bhagavad-Gita, as well as health-improving Ayurveda directions are estimated of several millennia.


Panchakarma clinics in India. Region choose

Panchakarma in India is the only panacea among the local population for all ailments. European residents consider this procedure mostly as cleansing. For a true Indian, “five actions” is a way of life, without respect for which, he will not fall into the true world of Light.

Panchakarma clinics are located mostly in the north and south of the country. Two different directions and approaches – but the goal of health procedures is the same.

There are several differences of north system from south one (Kerala):

  • in the northern regions, treatment consists strictly of five procedures;
  • on the south the health improvement program can include Shirodhara (a famous pouring liquids on the point of the mind’s eye), body warming-up with sacks containing herbs and others;
  • at the Kerala school if the diagnosis requires it, the client will be made special procedures to get rid of the hated «orange peel»;
  • one more additional procedure in Kerala is relaxing Ayurvedic massage with four hands after which energy starts circulating through inner channels without any obstrucles.


In other words, we can say those wishing to try a cleansing course, that south Panchakarma clinics practice will be able to receive wider range of services. However, in fairness it should be noted both schools adhere strictly to the main five procedures on which Panchakarma is based.


Advantages of the Indian Panchakarma Clinic

As the client crosses the threshold of the airport in India it seems hundreds of local Teachers move into him. This explains why the phrase «nobody and never comes back from these lands as he was before» walks around among local residents

Regardless of which Panchakarma clinics clients will choose for themselves, they will definitely appreciate the following advantages:

  • more dozen experienced doctors in one clinic;
  • physicians with extensive experience and perfect knowledge;
  • the treatment is aimed not at abolition of a person from disease but complex recovery of the body;
  • there are no incurable diseases and difficult diagnoses for healers practicing Panchakarma;
  • comfortable soft climate promotes fast recovery after carrying out of all procedure stages;
  • some clinics are located right at the foot of the Divine Himalayas;
  • those who wishing to take rest on the south will receive an opportunity to enjoy beating of waves of Indian Ocean every day;
  • a high level of service and courteous staff will help the client to enjoy the rest fully, during the break between treatments;
  • before starting treatment experienced doctors conduct a detailed poll which may consist of 100 points or more;
  • detailed written down diet.


Panchakarma in India is a kind of pilgrimage tour that will purify not only the body, but also mind of a person. Travel will recover life forces and many of people will be ought to change worldview dramatically.


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Аюрведический Центр Чакра

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Soukya Holistic Health and Ayurveda Treatment Centre

Бангалор, Карнатака
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