Ayurvedic treatment

Rajah Island Clinic

Гуруваюр, Керала

The Rajah Island Clinic is a part of the Rajah Ayurveda clinic chain. It is located on a beautiful picturesque…

from $ 65

Kalari Kovelakom Ayurveda Palace

Палаккад, Керала

Kalari Kovilakom is an ancient Palace in the Vengunad Kingdom, located in Kerala state. Presently the Palace is transformed into…

from € 426



Ayurveda center «IndRa» is located at Zdrava Dacha in Kungurka village, 40 km from Ekaterinburg, in the heart of Ural…

from ₽ 9785

Ayurvedic treatment

Ayurveda treatment is a traditional Indian medical science founded on natural methods . Kerala, South India, is its motherland. The best Ayurvedic centers and clinics are located here in India. Some companies, which have branch offices in Karnataka and GOA offer more then reasonable prices. Ayurveda ( from Sanskrit) is translated as “a science of life and longevity”. This medical system appeared over 5000 years ago.  This science is all about longevity, health, also includes philosophy. Ayurvedic treatment in India heals bodies and minds. Each procedure — is unique and inimitable, it incorporates the wisdom of unique doctors of the past. Ayurveda`s efficiency is recognized all over the world, it is proven to cure serious diseases.

Ayurveda treatment in India

Ayurveda treatments in India are of two kinds  (price wise, too)

  1. Rejuvenation, restoration, cosmetic procedures.
  2. Treatment of serious, chronic diseases.

While visiting Indian beaches and hotel you can take advantage from the first kind. Such procedures consist of massages, bathing in oils, special l diets, and yoga in India. Its purpose is to strengthen the body, restore good state of health and mood.

However, if have serious health issues, it is better to turn to a center, which specializes in Ayurveda. A treatment there starts with diagnostics, and goes on under doctor`s continuous care.

Distinctive features of Ayurvedic procedures.

Ayurveda treatment in Indian clinics is focused on restoration and maintenance of life energy balance.

Human being`s energy consists of three doshas. The amount of each dosha manifestation is individual and directly affects a person`s health.

  • Doshas adjustment contributes to purification, revitalization, and recovery of the body.
  • Treatment price also depends on what procedures are to be carried out. The major methods are: massage, diet, wrapping in herbs, oils application.
  • Course longevity, price for medicines, and treatment plan are discussed immediately after patient check-in at the clinic.

Each doctor in an Indian Ayurvedic clinic has his individual approach. He does not target the disease itself, but patient`s physical and mental state instead. The treatment is directed to find the source of a problem and eradicate it.

Assistance in receiving visa to Ayurvedic medical centre

These days you can visit Ayurvedic clinics in your country (USA and EUROPE) but it is better to embark to India, to come into contact with the source of this ancient medical system. Wallet-friendly treatment prices attract tourists to India from all over the world every year. At the best resorts you can rebuild your strength, regain health and acquire peace of mind

Prices for Ayurvedic treatment in India

India is the center of Ayurveda. Panchakarma Club Company will choose a perfect health tour for you, book a ticket for a convenient date,

Now for many countries residents an e-visa is available, coming to India has never been easier!