Ayurveda healing method

Health as per Ayurveda is not just the absence of pain, symptoms of various diseases. It is a balance of different forces of nature, body, consciousness and mind of a person. Ancient science considers health as the balance of 3 body substances (doshas), 7 types of tissues (dhatus) and 3 types of the waste products of the body (malas).Today in Moscow there are many courses that offer training in the techniques and practices of this science.But we need to get a sense of the main notions to understand Ayurveda methods of treatment.


Reasons of disease

For the treatment of a person, it is necessary to determine his body structure. It is composed from several doshas and defined as per the dominant one. These primary energies are guides for the doctor who set his hands to Ayurvedic treatment.

  1. Kapha – combination of water and ground.
  2. Vata – the interpenetration of air and ethers.
  3. Pita – mixture of water and fire.


Dhatu is a generic name for all body tissues. They are formed from different nutritive substances.  There are 7 types of dhatus.

  1. Rasa – body liquid, plasma. It accumulates all the nutrients that are obtained from digested food. Rasa supplies nourishment to other tissues.
  2. Rakta – blood. It carries oxygen throughout the body, nourishing all organs and tissues.
  3. Mamsa – muscles. They protect inner organs and perform movement functions.
  4. Meda – fat. It serves as a lubricant for different tissues and retains heat in the body.
  5. Asthi – bones. They support all body tissues.
  6. Madja – nerves and marrow. It is responsible for communication between the organs of the body, fills the hollow space of bones and transfers impulses immediately.
  7. Artava and shukra – reproductive tissues of both sexes. They contain the essence of all body tissues and participate in creating a new life.


Ayurveda also highlights 3 types of waste. They are urine, fecal masses and sweat. A healthy body should produce them in sufficient quantities and timely remove. These processes are controlled with Agni – a metabolic fire. All metabolic processes depend on it. Agni nourishes tissues and provides body immunity.


Ayurvedic diagnosis in treatment

Ayurvedic diagnosis implies defining of a person’s body structure. Only after it is possible to understand the causes of disease appearance.Disease-causing factors as per Ayurveda are unhealthy habits. A person’s health depends on his lifestyle. Notably but we even do not speak about alcoholism and smoking. Increasing of dominant dosha leads to diseases.  For example, eating dry food, constant haste and stress reinforce Vata. Spicy and too hot food, fermented foods, humid weather and hot weather arouse Pitta in the body. And cold, cloudy weather, dairy products, meat and wheat cause Kapha excess.

There are different kinds of diseases. They can be «earned» in different ways». The easiest way to Pitta-type diseases is using a large amount of hot and spicy food, alcohol using, smoking and suppression of your own anger. The abuse of sweets, dairy products and frequent stay in the cold lead to the development of Kapha-type diseases.


Ayurveda in diseases treatment

Ayurvedic disease treatment is reduced to balancing of different doshas. In opposition to the principle «Something similar is increased with similar one», a dependency has been derived «Counterparts decrease similarities». Thoughtless food consumption can cause an imbalance of doshas in the body. Using both treatment principles skillfully a doctor can balance them leading to an initial state (prakriti).

You can use any Ayurvedic method only after the removal of toxins from the body tissues. Moreover, there are different ways to remove them from various tissues. There are 2 fundamental approaches to treatment.

  1. Emotional release. Negative emotions (anger, fear, anger, anxiety), if they are suppressed by a person, tend to accumulate in the body in the form of toxins. Ayurveda teaches how to release from emotional tension. This method is supposed to observe negative emotions, to be aware of them and to be able to neutralize them. All emotions are connected with energies. Fear is Vata’s emotion, anger – Pitta’s one and pride, greed and envy are connected with Kapha. A person suppressing his fears regularly has a risk to get a kidneys disease. Anger repression will be a reason of liver diseases. Greed suppression will cause heart and spleen disorder.
  2. Panchakarma. This principle is used when physical removal of mucus, gases or other formations in the body cavity are required. It implies cleansing of a body from thoughts and emotions. The name of the principle translates as «five actions».It includes 5 processes that are considered to be the main ones: therapeutic vomit, medical use of laxative agents, use of medicals through nose, therapeutic enema and blood cleansing.


European medicine does not recognize such approaches. But more and more Ayurveda methods are used in Moscow private clinics and practiced by some specialists. This contributes to the popularization and dissemination of Ayurvedic teachings. More often Ayurveda is used in medicine for prevention of different diseases.


Ayurveda healing method and procedures

There are own methods of therapy to reduce each type of energy. Compensation of doshas is realized through using of knowledge about dhatu peculiarities. Thus, therapy to reduce Vata consists in the systematic use of nourishing, warming, moisturizing, sedative and calmant procedures. Cooling, soothing, nourishing and moderately cleansing procedures are helpful in reducing Pitta. For Kapha suppression soothing, stimulating, cleansing and drying procedures are used.

Treatment of diseases is made with the help of herbs and aromatic oils. Choosing a treatment Ayurveda method, the doctor possesses by the following potential actions:

  • different types of massages using all sorts of additional means;
  • diets with taking into account of inner peculiarities and biorhythms surrounding a person;
  • intake of natural medicines in different ways;
  • meditation for the emotional balancing of forces of nature within a person.


Many salons in Moscow and other Russian cities use methods of this study providing great possibilities of cleansing and rejuvenation of the body. Using the principles of a healthy (physically and emotionally) lifestyle, Ayurveda proposes not to cure diseases that have been rooted in the body, with medications that only aggravate so terrible situation.

Positive emotions and the right food, healing procedures and interaction with natural environment are the main aspects in the treatment as per Ayurveda. Often they are more effective than the most expensive medicaments from official medics.

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