Treatment with Ayurvedic medicines

Mostly treatment with Ayurvedic medicines is aimed at cleansing and strengthening of the body, rejuvenation, vitality increasing, normalizing the operation of all organs and their systems. Appeared in India Ayurvedic study, as one of the oldest varieties of alternative medicine, tells us about that initiation of some disease in one part of the body leads to the common misbalance. Therefore, the main task of using medicines and performing specific Ayurveda procedures is to restore balance and harmony in the patient’s body.

Several main forms of Ayurvedic means differing on the way of production and following consumption can be emphasized:

  • Ghritam and Taila – healing ghee, in the manufacture of which medicinal herbs are used. They are suitable for external and inner use.
  • Asava and Arishta are products of fermentation, or restorative drink and wine.They contain a small amount of alcohol, however it is enough to speed up the process of active particles penetration into blood.
  • Churnas – herbal powders. Their main feature is an appropriate and exact selected proportion of different herbs in the composition. Churnas are produced in the most natural way: pure herbs are harvested, dried, and then grinded into powder.
  • Vati – pills manufactured with the use of modern safety technologies as per centuries-long recipes picked up and composed by Ayurvedic doctors.
  • Quats are extracted medicinal plants that must be diluted in hot water and consumed inside as herbal decoctions.
  • Avaleha – compound jam that contains dozens of useful herbs. The recipes of such jams are carefully kept by generations, and preparing them by yourself is quite difficult. Now some herbs, which were used in the recipe composition at first, cannot be found in the nature that is why they are replaced with other ones.
  • Kalka and Svarasa – pastes and raw plant juices. As it is recommended to use in a freshly prepared state, they are not exported but just added as ingredients to another medicines.


What are Ayurvedic products made from?

Methods of diseases treatment as per Ayurveda are very popular around the world and one of the main reasons for that is only natural origin of all Ayurvedic medicines.

Treatment with Ayurvedic preparations which is based on numerous useful plants is prescribed by a doctor only. Caulises, roots, buds, leaves of different plants are used for preparations of medicines in Ayurveda. Some of them are grown specially, another one are collected in areas of natural growth. Any Ayurvedic healing remedy is made from clean, «healthy» plants that means they were grown at far distance from auto roads, industrial enterprises and other facilities contaminating air and soil.

Sometimes ingredients of animal origin, minerals and required metals for a person’s body are also used to produce effective preparations. Any component of Ayurvedic medicines must undergo a special treatment during which they are cleaned reliably and at the same time they do not lose their juice of life and medical possibilities.

All real Ayurvedic treatment pills, which can be purchased in Moscow and other Russian cities, are imported directly from India. In this country, including scenic beauty slopes of the Himalayas, thousands of medicinal herbs grow providing healthy influence of Ayurvedic medicines on the health of each person.


How to use ready Ayurvedic means?

Today, it is possible to buy medicines made according to centuries-old traditions of Ayurveda in Moscow. Effects from their application are numerous and multifaceted:

  • immunity strengthening;
  • cold treatment, fight with different viruses and infections;
  • the nervous system strengthening;
  • normalization of arterial pressure;
  • preventing of the development of cardiovascular diseases;
  • decreasing of cholesterol level in blood;
  • improving of the entire gastrointestinal tract functioning;
  • normalization of liver and kidneys activity;
  • reduction of the majority chronic disease features;
  • strengthening of bone tissues, cartilages and joints, fight with arthritis and arthrosis;
  • fight against depression and neurosis;
  • activization of brain activity;
  • improvement of the reproductive system.

It is the main results that can be achieved at regular use of Ayurvedic medicines. It should be understood that these drugs have a soft, unobtrusive effect on the body compared to chemical drugs that traditional medicine uses. It means that they have virtually no contraindications and side effects. At the same time, it provides some peculiarities for their using.

So, to achieve the desired effect during treating with Ayurvedic medicines it is required to use them for a long time and in sufficiently large amounts. In this case you should follow instruction strictly. It will be indicated on any packing of the original Ayurveda medicine that you can buy in Moscow.

Cleansing of the body, its strengthening, normalization of different organs activity – all of it will not be able to realize too fast.  The active ingredients of Ayurvedic drugs will require time to accumulate in the body and carefully, but steadily and effectively adjust its activity. Some of the medicines should be drunk during a quite short course; other ones are prescribed for long term and repeatable courses.


Cosmetic medicines prepared as per Ayurveda recipes

Period of chemical cosmetic means popularity has been passed and more modern people strive for using natural cosmetics as much as possible. Ayurveda is a comprehensive discipline, which also includes the manufacture of high-quality cosmetics from useful plants and other natural ingredients.

Ayurvedic cosmetics is good because in most cases it is completely hypoallergic, effective and safe. It improves not only the condition of skin, hair and nails but also helps to restore normal functioning of the oil glands, to astringent pores, to cleanse deeply and rejuvenate the skin, strengthen the hair follicles, restore health to the nail plates, to protect against UV radiation, wind, temperature fluctuations and other unfavorable factors.

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