Ayurvedic body detox in India

Have you heard about procedure done at the Indian clinics which enlivens the body, gives relief from toxins and slags? If not, It will become a true discovery for you! In India it is a tradition to come to Ayurvedic doctors, who mostly are hereditary doctors, of unconventional medicine. According to Ayurveda body purification must be done once in 3-5 years, this is how the Hindus revitalize themselves and detox their bodies from slags, accumulated throughout the years.

Our body has a unique feature, to process all that comes in. However, not all environmental elements are pure and beneficial for us. Certain unhealthy lifestyle, stress, taking food on the go, fast food creates a situation where citizens of USA and Europe (EU) accumulate slags in their bodies.
Such toxins affect us on a daily basis.
A person feels irritated, increased fatiguability, his nervous system wears away, inviting problems of gastrointestinal tract.

Ayurvedic detox in India – is a wonderful possibility to improve the quality of life and restore strength balance. Expert doctors will perform procedures, which will clean the body on a cellular level from slags and toxins. You will immediately feel tangible effects such as higher energy, all heath problems sill be eliminated.

Detox Methods used in India

The goal of Ayurvedic doctors is a systematical revitalization with detox procedures for the body. Ayurvedic procedures consist of several manipulations:

  1. ochishenie-organismaBhasti: oil and herbal enemas
  2. Vamana: ( Vamanam) – intake of herbal medicines to cause vomit
  3. Virechana: ( Virechanam) – intake of purgatory medicines
  4. Nasyam: cleaning of nasopharynx
  5. Raktamoksham: – bloodletting with needles and leeches
  6. Abhyangam: medicinal oils massage, done with 4 hands.
  7. Steaming in steam barrel

Each procedure is appointed according to individual requirements and body features, as well as present chronic diseases, acquired throughout life. First thing is a diagnostic examination, which brings out patients complains. This is how a treatment course is determined.

Not only you will be cleaned from toxins, at an Indian clinic, but also you will be offered a special dietary food, massage, bath, relaxation and cosmetology. Treatment system will allow you to revitalize yourself and have a good rest.

Course duration and effects.

Ayurvedic body cleaning from slags is performed systematically, that`s why the best choice is buying a tour to India for a considerable duration. In order to do a quality body cleaning, at least 14 days is required, but 21-28 is better.
Medical centers of India facilitating such cleanings has everything what is required to receive guests:

  • Comfortable rooms;
  • Diagnostic equipment;
  • Quality medicines;

Daly cleaning (India)

Ayurvedic procedures are done based on natural components – oils and herbs, which help to detox the body. Using proper equipment doctors perform manipulations, which, while patients rest and relax in a spacious rooms.

Ayurveda tour to Asia from USA and EUROPE could be of any duration (14-50 days). Treatment usually takes at least 21 days. You will not be able to find similar services in clinics of USA and Europe (EU) since Panchakarma experts reside in India. That’s why the best decision is to undertake such course in India, a country where you can trust your health to the expert doctors.