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  • Отзыв Панчакарма в Индии

    Hello, my name is Pilyaevva Olga Vasilievna, I am a graphic designer. Eagerly I want to share my experience and review of the Panchakarma course in India. I came here form a small town of Polevskoy, near Ekaterinburg, where I live.

    I have discovered truly a magical spot, Swastha Ayurvedic clinic located near the legendary city of Gokarna, on the bank of the Indian Ocean. I am really grateful that last year I was able to visit this paradise, wild and untouched by modern civilization. The majestic, tender ocean has met me with pacifying scenery, and the rumbling of its coastal waves.

    Astonishing staff girls, immediately welcomed me and arranged an unforgettable breakfast from tropical fruits picked right here form the palm trees. O, nectarian drinks and salads! It was prepared every day, very fresh and light. I could eat as much as I liked without feeling satiated, it was very unusual and tasty.
    My opinion about what is a right and healthy diet has been again refuted.

    Well-mannered staff conquered me with sincerity and attention, which stayed unchanged until the last day of my stay there.
    For the first week I was just enjoying the nature and association. We were full of impressions and quickly became friends.

    But I was really conquered by the doctor. This incredible man has given us a lot: he was personally visiting each customer a few times a day, asking for our general state. I felt some special attention to myself.

    The Doctor grows his medical herbs himself, and makes medicines from it, planting exotic trees and bushes with his own hands, walking around his garden every day. I was really enchanted by his love towards all living beings.

    I remember oil massages done with 4 hands. Two assistants were richly putting oil on my body and massaging it dexterously. The culmination was a steam barrel procedure; I sat with my body inside, and head outside. It brought great pleasure.

    With my body renewed I embarked to the beach for yoga class. In the evening we came back to a cozy cafe, sharing our experience, making fun, and even singing.
    Of course, some procedures were quite tough, not for the weak of heart, but we were really inspired to commit such everyday heroic deeds. We felt like heroes and with pride overtook all of the austerities of Ayurvedic purification procedures. Only in such heavenly conditions it is possible to get pleasure from procedures, instead of just tolerance and depression.

    My bodily problems left me, life stereotypes changed, world sparked with new colors. Now my job as an artist became my way of life, I love people and am not afraid to change.

    Panchakarma in Swastha taught me to let go of the past, breathe fully, be here and now, not depend on the weather, both internal and external.

    This trip is now deep inside of me, Maybe I will come back there.

  • Панчакарма тур отзыв

    Elena Fedorova, 26, Moscow

    Good day! I feel exceptional! It was my first experience of panchakarma treatments I was not sure what to expect and what good it will bring. The very same day I realized that I got to a right place, and I`m in good hands. Meeting our doctor has made a most beneficial impression. I felt that his recommendations and treatment would be really useful!

    Clinic`s personal is extremely attentive, I was really surprised by their warm attitude. The rooms were always clean, no complains. O, the silence, and tranquility of this place, it really added to the medicinal effect. After 3 weeks I feel a few changes in my body: i feel light, my sleep is better, good appetite (that was a problem I came to deal with)

    I am really satisfied, will suggest this place to friends and acquaintances.



  • Панчакарма впечатления

    Ruslan Tsvirkun, 32, Moscow.

    This year I have decided to receive a panchakarma course for the first time and would like to share my experience. For many years I have been suffering from back and joints aches, one year ago I was diagnosed with a Bekhterev disease. I tried many different treatments, conventional and alternative.

    One year ago, I performed dry fasting (no water and food) for 11 days, (you can find my experience in youtube video). Alas, the pains slowly returned, even after such severe austerities.

    Since for a long time I am studying culture of ancient India, I decided to give Ayurveda a try. (Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical science) So, I have got experienced the panchakarma treatment first-hand. This course consisted of standard procedures like Vamana, Virechana, Abhyanga, Sneha Basti, Koshaya Basti, but not all of it is appointed to everybody. An expert doctor prescribes, depending on individual body conditions either all of the procedures, either some in particular.
    Since some procedures could have contraindications, it is very important to find a real doctor, and a good clinic, because a lot of inexperienced people get cheated in India. Standard course is 21 days, but according to doctor’s advice, mine took 30, since with my specific problem, it was required to achieve a long lasting effect. When I started the course, I was taking painkillers, since I had acute pains, now after the course, there are is no pain anymore. I can’t say that I am completely cured, but at least, I stopped taking painkillers, and I consider it a great improvement. Also doctor prescribed me with special diet, for Bekhterev disease, and prescribed me some Ayurvedic medicines, (natural herbal medicines) so I have purchased a few months course and paid an affordable price.

    Doctor also recommended me to repeat procedures, a few times, during the year, in a 3-4 months interval, to get a strong long-term effect. So while I am still here, I am planning my next visit to India.

  • Отзыв ПанчакармаElena and Denis Lukashenko, Yekaterinburg.

    Good day! At last we have got to the computer, so here our response:) ))

    In January 2016 we have completed the course of Panchakarma, in Ashvinidhama clinic, near Kumta. Procedures proved to be very useful, and the end of course we feel lightness, desire to fly, energy! We received very cool massages during this course. Clinic personnel were very attentive, careful, and friendly. The food in clinic was vegetarian, dietary – and nevertheless very tasty! A clinic is located in a wonderful place – 200 meters to a secluded beach where sometimes there are absolutely no people, So we were there together, only two of us! A wide strip of a sandy beach, tender and pure ocean! A few times we have even seen dolphins swimming. It was delightful to observe it!

    Irina and Ilya from, who organized our treatment in the clinic, provided all necessary for full treatment and the rest: a taxi from Goa to Kumta, etc, and resolved all small issues in the clinic. We are very glad to get acquainted with them! Irina and Ilya thank you very much, for our time at this surprising, wonderful, delightful place and for your attention and care! We will be happy to return another time to India, it was great!

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