Indian generics as a cure for hepatitis type C (HCV)

What is a generic? It is medicine, an analog of more expensive medicine, with structure and amount of active ingredient practically same as in the original, providing the same medical effect. The main supplier of Hepatitis type c (HCV) generics is India, which offers an affordable price for Sofosbuvir medicine. This drug was recognized as the most effective inhibitor of a virus polymerase, it successfully suppresses development and reproduction of the virus agent, which causes hepatitis.

Our company offers Daclatasvir, and Sofosbuvir delivery to USA and Europe.

Indian medicines advantages:

  • Successfully cures the decease, even after unsuccessful treatment with American and European drugs;
  •  Short course of treatment – much shorter, than other medicines;
  •  More convenient drug application – the substance is issued in tablets and is taken once a day, which is much easier, than injections;
  •  Minimum side affects plus affordable prices of Indian drugs;
  •  Highly efficient generic with high probability of fully curing this dangerous disease.

Medicine prices

One of the main advantages is the low cost of Indian medicine for hepatitis type C (HCV). Because the price of medicine in India is formed according to completely different principle and policies, unlike the European countries, generics became even more popular and attractive to patients. A patient gets not only the real chance for recovery, but also an opportunity to save considerably, since the cost of a hepatitis c treatment with generics is ten times lower, than branded pharmacological analogs. Statistical data states that the probability of full cure from hepatitis type C (HCV) with Indian generics is 90 percent. Combination of Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir is capable if yielding tremendous effect since it`s a systematical therapy.

Where to buy generics in USA and Europe (EU)?

Since the benefit of Sofosbuvir is obvious, it is now necessary to understand where to purchase this miraculous drug, capable of giving hope of recovery for a cheap price in USA and Europe (EU).

Unfortunately, you can’t just walk in to the drug store and ask for Sofosbuvir, it is not available, but these effective Indian medicines are available in USA and Europe (EU) via order from our online store. You can file a request on our site and buy Sofosbuvir. Just a few companies in USA and EUROPE (EU) will be able to make you such a marvelous offer price wise.  We are an exception! If you place your order with us, you will be able to save considerably, especially if you choose to make an advance payment. In this case, the price of treatment with Sofosbuvir will be even more reasonable!  Panchakarma.Club is a certified distributor of the Indian generics in USA and EUROPE (EU).

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