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Об отеле клиники «Аюрведа Бхаван» Клиника расположена в лучшем районе Ришикеша на возвышенности, вдали от людской суеты, на огороженной и охраняемой территории. Здесь вы можете насладиться природой и великолепным чистым горным воздухом. При этом, за 5 минут можно дойти до священной реки Ганги, а за 15 минут вы окажетесь в центральном районе Ришикеша. На территории расположен цветущий сад, здесь вы можете насладиться аюрведическим напитком, в тихой, приятной атмосфере.

Номера Отеля

Чистые и просторные комнаты со всеми удобствами и выходом на балкон, террасу или в небольшой сад. Дизайн комнат создает атмосферу уюта и гармонии. На кроватях комфортные качественные матрацы и подушки. Все номера оснащены кондиционерами, потолочными вентиляторами и обогревателями, что позволяет поддерживать комфортный климат в любое время года.

В ванной комнате, вы найдете аюрведический шампунь и мыло лучшего производителя Индии. Масло для проведения аюрведических процедур закупается персонально для вас, также у лучшего производителя Индии, работающего на рынке более 250 лет.

    Стоимость услуг за 1 номер в долларах США в день:
    Тип номераВключенофевраль-май, сентябрь-ноябрьиюнь-август, декабрь-январь
    Стандарт одноместный / SGLСтандартный пакет11991
    Стандарт двухместный / DBLСтандартный пакет214157
    Люкс одноместный / SGLСтандартный пакет138110
    Люкс двухместный / DBLСтандартный пакет233176
    Дети 0-6 летпитание, без доп. кровати00
    6-12 летпитание + доп. кровать1515
    6-12 лет+ терапия 1 час в день4545
      Стандартный пакет включает:
    • Проживание (отдельный санузел, кондиционер, обогреватель)
    •  3-х разовое аюрведическое питание (+ чай и фрукты)
    • Базовая терапия панчакармы (2часа/день)
    • 2 консультации с аюрведическим доктором
    • Утренняя йога терапия (1час/день)
    • Бесплатный Интернет, Wi-Fi
      Трансфер оплачивается отдельно

      Из аэропорта Дехрадуна в клинику и обратно: на легковой машине 30 долларов США, на микроавтобусе (вместительность до 12 человек) 90 долларов США

        Стоимость дополнительных услуг:
        • Услуги по стирке и глажке одежды - 2,5 $
        • Дополнительная уборка номера по требованию - 5 $
        • Дополнительная консультация аюрведического доктора - 10 $
        • Дополнительные женские процедуры - 50 $.


Ayurveda Bhavan Clinic is located in North part of India at the root of The Himalayas, in the sacred city Rishikesh.

Ayurvedic programs are conducted here according to international standards.

7000 people visited this clinic in the period more than 12 years since its establishment. 70% from them come again to regain their strength and health.

Ayurvedic doctors

One of the best Ayurvedic doctors and therapists of India work in the Ayurveda Bhavan Clinic.

At the same time, they are considered to be experts not only in Ayurvedic medicine, but also in allopathy and surgery.

Chief Doctor – Raghupati Pandey is famous both India and in many countries of the world.

Ayurvedic treatment is prescribed by the doctor individually in accordance with the time of the year, the body structure, the presence and degree of chronic diseases and injuries, the characteristics of the place of permanent residence, the rhythm of life and work, age and other factors.

All procedures are adapted to Europeans body structure.

The following diseases are treated in the Ayurveda Bhavan Clinic:

  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • neurological disorder
  • chronic ailments
  • arthronosos
  • gynecological diseases and more.

Ayurveda Bhavan Clinic as well as another Panchakarma clinics in India offer optimal course of treatment – 14 days together with annual repeated procedure course. When the degree and intensity of the disease is high enough, 21 days of therapy are required with repetition after 6 months.

If you do not have enough time for full therapy, we offer specially developed intensive courses that include Panchakarma elements and another effective Ayurvedic procedures.  The intensive course lasts from 3 to 7 days.

Mostly, such kinds of intensive courses can stabilize a person condition quite fast but it is better to come here not less than 14 days for final harmonization of the person’s condition.

Procedures are held every day during 2 hours, performed mainly by two experienced therapists in four hands.

When additional special therapy is carried out, 2 more hours of evening procedures are added.  This therapy gives maximum effect only together with Panchakarma basic course.

Ayurvedic food

Nutrition is an integral part of the Ayurvedic course. That is why diet is prescribed by the doctor at the first visit.

Products are purchased daily; they are not heated up and not processed into other dishes. The cooker prepares food for each meal specially for you

A lot of attention is paid to the consumption of liquid.

Each cottage is equipped with special complex of high antibacterial purification, mineralization and structuring of drinking water.

This complex adapts local water to Europeans gastrointestinal tract what makes water not only drinkable but also useful.

Also, always we have plenty of Ayurvedic tea, honey, dried fruits, juices and milk.


Yoga is also an integral part of Ayurvedic therapy in Ayurveda Bhavan.

Daily morning exercises conducted by the instructor stimulate more effective rebalancing of all body systems especially locomotor apparatus.

The instructor gives only those exercises that are required for mental and physical rebalance and exercises that are accessible for a person.

Yoga exercises are held daily for 1 hour.

At the guests ‘ request exercises can be carried out at the roof of the clinic during sunrise what will help them to feel unforgettable emotions.

About Ayurveda Bhavan Clinic

Ayurveda Bhavan clinic is located in the best area of Rishikesh on a hill, far away from vanity, in a fenced and protected area. You can enjoy nature and a wonderful clear air of the mountains. At the same time, you need a 5-minute walk to the sacred river Ganges and 15 minutes to find yourself in the Central area of Rishikesh.

Blossoming garden is located in the clinic territory and you can enjoy Ayurveda beverage in the quiet and pleasant atmosphere.

Hotel rooms

Clean and spacious rooms with all facilities and access to a balcony, terrace or small garden.  Design of the rooms creates coziness and harmony atmosphere. Comfortable quality mattresses and pillows are on beds. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioners, ceiling fans and heaters what allows to keep comfortable climate in any period of the time. In the bathroom, you will find Ayurvedic shampoo and soap from India’s best manufacturer. Oil for Ayurvedic procedures is purchased personally for you.  Every day the hotel staff receives delivery from the best manufacturer of India, which has been operating for over 250 years.

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