Treatment in Kerala

State of Kerala is a bright living picture of Indian beauty, traditions and yoga therapy. A traveler from USA or Europe (EU) will be immediately fascinated with it`s velour beaches, picturesque waterfalls, emerald luxury of tea plantations and tropical vegetation.

This state has a firm fame for unique resorts and a place for treatment and rehabilitation. Here you can fully enjoy an astonishing recreation and receive a course of an Ayurvedic treatment.

Treatment in India is developed and being perfected for more than 5000 years. Ayurveda is based on a foundation of balancing ancient laws with unity of all existence.

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    Base program is panchakarma procedures, (Kerala) The course aim is to heal the organism, get rid of pollution of USA and Europe (EU) and restore emotional and energy equilibrium.

    There is no other medical system in the world similar to Indian panchakarma medicine. This method revitalizes the body and mind; has a strong therapeutic and preventive effect.

    Kerala is the center for Ayurveda and yoga therapy.

    Kerala`s Ayurvedic centers should be distinguished from Ayurvedic clinics.

    Doctors in such clinic are substantially limiting patients freedom and usually impose a really strict day regimen. Coming to a clinic means that you have to forget about relaxing at the beach, living in a room with AC and even about a TV!

    Usually Ayurvedic centers are located on the seashore or a fresh body of water.

    Such surroundings and nature adds up to the healing effect along with the yoga-therapy.

    Hotel rooms usually occupy cottages and villas, surrounded by tropical plants. Professional doctors are at your service. Although the price will be much higher then in the regular Ayurvedic clinic.

    Our company offers full spectrum of services – panchakarma, healing massages, diets, and individual diagnosis.

    Recreation -is organized individually for a family or a group of travelers.

    Prices for yoga therapy and different procedures are calculated according to individual approach.

    Price for the treatment tour from USA or Europe depends on your hotel choice and date of travel. From October to April prices are substantially more expensive- since it is the “high season”

    April to October you can rent a room for a better price, because of the monsoon season. (Rains) Ancient Indian science claims that the optimum time for yoga therapy is July and August. India, Ayurveda, Kerala, treatment, all of these are truly priceless.

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