About us

Hello, we are happy to welcome you on our website Panchakarma.club!

We have been studying misterious India for a lot of years, travelling to the most distant parts of the country spending here more than half of a year. Gentle ocean, pristine nature and places where all-consuming technical progress has not reached yet, heal the soul and body, charge the body with incredible energy.

Traditions, a wonderful nature, ancient medicine and talented specialists of this country had inspired us in so much extent that it was taken a decision in 2014 to establish Panchakarma club!


Panchakarma Club mission

India like any other country has places for tourists, residents, people who leave in the country temporary. And if you really want to go through Panchakarma, then you will need a remote guide who will orient you, help you and give a cue.

Our team helps tourists from Russia to go through health-improving Panchakarma course at Ayurveda homeland. Over the years of travel, we have superbly studied the country, learned all about the best clinics, so we can find the perfect place for you where you will undergo a five-step purification course. Before to send our clients to medical centers we check themselves quality of services writing down approved clinics to the catalogue.


Services and support

We know that our work unites people, helps to strengthen health and find sense of peace for those who suffer from fatigue, chronic diseases or the active rhythm of modern life! Panchakarma Club specialists will help you:

  • choose a clinic with a good reputation;
  • go through the true Panchakarma;
  • collect the documents necessary to visit the country;
  • order Indian generic drugs for treatment of liver diseases;
  • choose the perfect place for purification.


Our site contains approved Ayurveda clinics and centres located in picturesque parts of India. Each clinic is accompanied with a description, prices, photos and treatment programs, so you will quickly reserve a place directly on our website. At any moment you can fill up online-request and after we will contact to you for further consultation!