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Panchakarma is the most ancient Indian
body cleansing & detox method, passed the test of time

If you buy a short health-restoring tour for a good price, an expert Ayurvedic doctor will perform a treatment course, which will help to:

  • Restore your immunity
  • Provide relief for your lymphatic system
  • Restore the microflora of
    gastrointestinal tract
  • Normalize liver, kidneys, thyroid
    gland and pancreas functions
  • Lose weight and get rid of up to 7 kg (15,5 pounds) of poisonous and fatty masses.
  • Get rid of mucous, parasites and fecal bolus
  • Improve digestion

We recommend an average course of 21 days
for authentic panchakarma
Starting from  $1450 the price depends on a clinic your choice
accommodation type


  • Accommodation in a cozy double room, (bathroom attached)
  • Doctor`s consultation and supervision
  • Individual treatment course + medicaments
  • Airport transfer (both ways)
  • Wireless Internet
  • Interpreter (if required), phone or online (Skype) support from the management during the whole course
  • Yoga classes (*)

* Not available at some clinics, please inquire separately

Does not include:

Visa and tickets charges*

* – our partners can help with visa and tickets

Receive a

health-improving course of authentic Panchakarma


14 days

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Panchakarma at of Ayurveda`s motherland

Appropriate climate

Most appropriate climate, mild, warm and sunny. A natural, oceanside picturesque scenery, contributes a 50% of healing effect to the body and soul.

Authentic medicines

All medicines used for Authentic Panchakarma are produced from genuine medical herbs, nurtured in an ecologically clean environment under pure blue sky, untouched by modern civilization!

Observing the methodology of treatment

Authentic Panchakarma is not only body detox and cleaning, but a special treatment, which includes proper diet. In this way the effect is maximized: lasts longer and becomes more powerful.

Quality of service

The atmosphere at the clinics we invite you to is saturated with care, harmony and peace. These are core priorities for our experienced team member, enriched with years of doing panchakarma.

How panchakarma works

A Path to purityopen

To get purified from the slags, which prevent us from experiencing nature`s true tastes, it is necessary to prepare the mind for a certain austerity, since we do not offer SPA-Panchakarma. We offer traditional, Authentic Panchakarma done by expert hereditary Ayurvedic doctors. Ayurveda — the “Science of Long Life” is the most ancient medicine in clemency.

How does it work, the secretopen

The treatment is done with oils infused with herbs. You will be literally “bathed” in oils. Medical oils are prepared according to ancient recipes, which reached our time from more than 5000 years ago. Each contains from 25 to 50 active vegetable components, rarely used in modern medical drugs.

 Traditional methodsopen

 In certain cases the treatments are a little unpleasant, for example, some people don`t like drinking clarified butter or ghee (to prepare the body for purification).
Another example is an emetic procedure called “Vamana”.
Although, after experiencing this treatment once, you will feel extraordinary lightness and freshness in the body, so naturally you will desire to repeat it again and again in the years to come.
After this powerful internal treatment your body becomes, literally, like of a baby.

 Panchakarma procedures:

 These are the principal procedures of Authentic Panchakarma.

(Vamanam) or stomach cleansing

 It`s an emetic procedure, which gets rid of toxins and mucous, accumulated in the stomach.

Cleaning of a small intestine (Virechhana)

This treatment is done with oil and herbal powders

Cleaning of a large intestine (Sneha vasti and Kashaya vasti)

This is a course of enemas with herbal decoction and oils

Cleaning of maxillary sinuses, respiratory tract and cervical spine (Nasyam)

For this purpose Herbal oils are applied through the nose

It’s extremely important
to consider
these points
before choosing
a place for Panchakarma


Quality of medicines, doctor`s qualification, and a clinic, where you will receive the treatments.


You have to stay in the clinic where you receive Panchakarma, or in a few minutes walking distance. Your room has to be convenient with attached bathroom, in a calm and quiet place.


It`s a rule of Ayurveda: a doctor who is treating you has to prepare all medicines. Unfortunately, in India there are dishonest doctors, who sell improper or overdue medicines for the sake of saving a few dollars.

Hereditary Ayurvedic doctors

It is best if the Doctors are hereditary Ayurvedic doctors, ideally from a Vaidya caste (Ayurvedic doctors).

Doctor assistants

The doctor or his assistants have to visit you daily and observe changes in your condition, check your pulse and blood pressure, adjusting the treatment accordingly. Very often doctors do not visit their patients after first appointment, but it is extremely important!


In due time you have to be provided with a preparations according to your personal diet. Sometimes, it is not the case, since some clinics prepare food according to the general standards, although offering an option for a personal diet. Such diet also facilitates the treatment and increases efficiency.

Panchakarma tour to India

price in Kerala and Karnataka

It is well known that Kerala is a motherland of Ayurveda. The Lord himself assumed form of Dhanvantari and descended to Earth, Kerala to give nectar of immortality to the people. Doctors carefully pass this knowledge to their descendants along with their invaluable experience.
Kerala and Karnataka share it`s history and have practically identical languages. Both appeared approximately at the same time, about 2 million years ago. Karnataka clinics are usually offering the same quality as in Kerala. The price for Panchakarma in Kerala is often higher because of a flood of tourists.

Contraindications for Panchakarma in India

There are practically no contraindications, except for such individual cases as::

  • Pregnancy;
  • The menstrual period;
  • Venerable or infantile age
  • Several severe diseases.

If that`s the case the Doctor changes a course of standard treatment and replaces it with absolutely safe, and at the same time effective procedures, according to your personal requirements. This treatment and body detox stops aging process, rejuvenates and restores functions of body organs and cells. General psycho-emotional state of the person is improved. According to Ayurveda, during this course of a natural detoxication body releases the surplus of the unnecessarily biological elements, and thus human mind and intelligence are purified.This enables a person to abandon his or her harmful habits such as alcohol and tobacco consumption. A natural tendency for early wake-ups appears, along with a taste for fitness exercises, yoga and pranayama.

India, Panchakarma, Ayurveda… Your life enters a qualitatively new stage, attracting new association in India, USA and Europe, helps to develop new interests and changes you a into a positive thinker!

Panchakarma in best clinics