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The Palace for Ayurveda – Kalari Kovilakom

Kalari Kovilakom is an ancient Palace in the Vengunad Kingdom, located in Kerala state. Presently the Palace is transformed into the space for treatment where Ayurveda is offered in the most right and original form how it was in the days of Rajah of Vengunad. Kalari Kovilakom does not adhere to the classical medical system, the strict principles of Ayurveda, as a universal art of healing the body, are taken for the basis. Since ancient times combination of physical, psychological and other methods of treatment both in the approach to health and approach to the modern world is offered here.  Nothing has been reinvented, nothing has been changed. Ayurvedic treatment is added and supported with yoga exercises and also meditation practices.


Ayurvedic programs in the Kalari Kovilakom

Kalari Kovilakom is not ashram.  You will gain life experience, which is based on ancient Indian traditions during your staying in a comfortable “Palace”. This will help you to recover and balance your energy, balance the outer material world and your inner spiritual world, and become a more whole person.


Anti-stress program – Manasanthi (14 days)

This 14-day course in Kalari Kovilakom is created to protect your body from stress, insomnia, lack of attention, fatigue and headache, which seem to have become an integral part of our modern life. Manasanthi program consists of classic Ayurveda procedures such as massages “uzhichil” or “sirodhara” (influence of warm oil on the head area), or nasyam (release from extra mucus, cleansing through the nose).  This course is supported by yoga practices, as well as the use of medicines and decoctions based on the herbals.




  • Single room 5 960 €
  • Double room 10 130 €



  • Single room 6 270 €
  • Double room 10 660 €



  • Single room 8 530 €
  • Double room 13 110 €


Common rejuvenation and recovery – Panchakarma

A preliminary cleansing of the body is carried out before the Panchakarma process, where the body is prepared for the release of toxins, thanks to the methods of Swedanam and Snehanam.

Swedanam is translated as “sweat secretion”. This procedure transforms toxins into liquid and accelerates their transition to the gastrointestinal tract. Then Snehanam procedure follows that represents influence of warm oil on the body promoting release of toxins from the gastrointestinal tract and reinforcement of elasticity in soft tissues. Thus, the body releases from stress, the nervous system is updated, and therefore Dosha energies are activated. Only after it Panchakarma personal program is designed.

Panchakarma in Kalari Kovilakom is a classic five-step method of the body revitalization. It represents a row of cleansing procedures and the process of rejuvenation and recovery is very intensive. The Panchkarma technique fully adheres to the early teachings of Ayurveda such as Charaka Samhita and Sushutha Samhita.

There are 5 main methods of cleansing – Nasyam (cleansing of nasopharynx), Vamanam (release from extra mucus), Virechanam (cleansing of bowel), Vasti (cleansing of large bowel) and Rakthamoksham (cleansing of blood).  They are followed by Paschat karma or post-cleansing, which help to choose the right diet and lifestyle depending on your natural structure.


Panchakarma – course is 21 days

To rent a room in KALARI SUITES

  • Single (EURO) 7 850
  • Double (EURO) 13 340


To rent a room in KOVILAKOM SUITES

  • Single (EURO) 8 260
  • Double (EURO) 14 040


To rent a room in VENGUNAD SUITES

  • Single (EURO) 11 590
  • Double (EURO) 17 630


Panchakarma – course is 28 days

To rent a room in KALARI SUITES

  • Single 9 340 (EU)
  • Double 15 870 (EU)


To rent a room in KOVILAKOM SUITES

  • Single 9 830 (EU)
  • Double 16 705 (EU)


To rent a room in VENGUNAD SUITES

  • Single 14 150 (EU)
  • Double (EURO) 21 340


Weight loss program – Sthoulyagana Chikitsa – (21 and 28 days)

Ayurvedic method of weight loss is based on improving the metabolism in the human body. Prescribed products in the diet do not contain sources of Dosha Kapha that promotes cleansing and realising from excess of disorders in Kapha and Vata doshas. The program also includes therapeutic steam baths, herbal teas and yoga classes. These elements of this course help to change processes in metabolism and recreate original body metabolism.


Anti-aging program: Rasayana Chikitsa – (28 days)

This program in Kalari Kovilakom starts from body cleansing method with duration two weeks that allows releasing the body from toxins. After the cleansing process the course continues with the rejuvenation procedurs with the use of medical products and individually prescribed diet. Aims of Rasayana Chikits are stopping of cell degeneration and reinforcement of immunity. This complex approach helps to protect the body from diseases, even in the middle years.

Based on the structure of the human body and the dominant energies (Dosha), the cleansing course includes: massage with the use of warm healing oils or hot pouches, different kinds of massage methodics and other cleansing procedures. Further, rejuvenation procedures with creams and oils, and, of course, a special diet are used in the program.


The following services are included into all programs:

  • Consultations with the attending physician during the whole period of stay;
  • Ayurvedic procedures and components for them (massage, oil, herbals and so on);
  • Accommodation in one of the rooms of Kalari Kovilakom Palace;
  • Food prescribed by the doctor based on the Ayurveda method during staying.
  • Group yoga and meditation classes;
  • Clothes (daily changed canvas trousers or shirt, dressing gown) and flip flops;
  • Transfer – airport Coimbatore or Cochin – hotel;
  • Transfer – hotel –  airport Coimbatore or Cochin;
  • Taxes and charges


Official check-in time is 08:00 a. m.

Official check-out time is 08:00 a. m.



The course of treatment is considered as per Ayurvedic days, when doctors can prescribe procedures. You need to choose flights to have full 14, 21 or 28 days of staying at Kalari Kovilakom medical center during booking of airplane tickets.

A prepayment of 50% of the selected program is required at the time of booking. Another 50% is required before check-in in Kalari Kovilakom but not later the date indicated in the bill.


Cancellation policy:

Kalari Kovilakom offers the same Cancellation policy as other Panchakarma clinics in India. In case of cancellation 30 days in advance – 100% of the course cost is refunded, 21 days – 50% of the program cost is refunded; cancellation less than 20 days — a penalty of 100% of the program cost is withheld.

The hotel has the right to deny accomodation if clients are under the influence of alcohol during check-in.

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