Atreya Ayurveda


Accommodation costs:

  • Single - 7600 Indian rupees (109 dollars)
  • Double - 6175 Indian rupees (89 dollars)
Treatment in the Ayurvedic clinic Atreya Ayurveda includes:
  • Daily(except Sundays) consultation with a doctor;
  • An individual daily Ayurvedic therapy program (panchakarmo-cleansing therapy or anti-aging therapy and treatment for specific health problems).
  • Ayurvedic diet;
  • Cottage accommodation;
  • Remedial herbal water.
Free of charge:
  • One-time dental checkup.
  • Daily (except Sundays) yoga lessons.
  • Broadband Wi-Fi Internet (15 Gb)
Additionally charged:
  • Flight
  • Transfer
  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • laundry
  • medications recommended for the further treatment


Ayurvedic  medical center “Atreya” is the place for recovering both your mind and your body. Combining traditional methods with state-of-the-art advanced medical technologies, the Ayurvedic medical center offers you the alternative for the Western medicine with the sharp focus on the true Ayurveda.

We offer numerous services such as

  • Professional and individual care of highly qualified and trained ayurvedic doctors;
  • A dedicated team of our therapists and medical staff;
  • Spacious apartments in the green area;
  • Healthy and fresh ayurvedic food;
  • Yoga lessons by the experienced yoga-teachers


The Ayurvedic center “Atreya” belongs to the family of ayurvedic doctors which manage it with the knowledge and experience of five preceding generations.

Medical treatment

Our clinic pays special attention to the true traditional ayurveda and not on the skin-deep spa-treatment. The best and brightest physicians, representing virtually every medical specialty, provide our patients with the individual plan. The doctors formulate definite plan to promote and maintain your health.

Treatment duration

The ideal treatment duration according to ancient ayurvedic prescriptions varies from 2 to 3 weeks. You can choose among the following programs:

  • A week program to “taste” ayurveda – but it doesn’t overcome the health problems;
  • Two weeks program for intensive “detoxicaition”;
  • 3 weeks program which is perfect for detoxication, anti-ageing, and solving health problems.

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