Medical tourism in India

Indian medicine science is well known around the world for it`s efficiency as well for use of natural medications to fight different diseases. Ayurveda is it`s foundation. (Science of life and longevity from Sanskrit) Ancient treatises written by Nakula, Shalihotra and Parashara, are kept intact since the olden days.

A lot of USA and European tourists embark to this far away land – India not only to take a break at a splendid resorts, but also for a treatment, to cure different diseases. Ayurveda science studies the basis of human nature, natural state of the body and reasons for misbalance. There are different systems of procedures available for treatment. This ancient science now goes through a true Renaissance, being supported by government and is well accepted worldwide.

Medical centers in India

There are a lot of clinics and medical centers in the country of universal importance, such as:

  • Ashvinidhama. The clinic is situated near city of Gokarna, Karnataka State. Body detox and revitalizing procedures are offered here. Patients are provided with vegetarian food and locally produced medications.
  • Ayushakti. Situated in South Goa, renown for its ancient treatment methods. People coming to treat serious illnesses and for body detox.
  • Wild Woods SPA, A natural resort, surrounded by mountains, forests and rivers. Tourists will be able to benefit from massage, invigorating and revitalizing procedures.
  • Svastha. This fine clinic is situated near Gokarna, Karnataka. Visitors are facilitated with intense detox, health and general state improvement programs.
  •  Thonza. This center offers both classic panchakarma procedures and naturopathy panchakarma. The treatment is facilitated with a special diet, simple yoga exercises, and breathing exercise ( pranayama)


Features of medical tourism

This traditional methods are based on the five elements doctrine. Both Ayurveda and official medical science concludes that a human being has 5 world-perceiving sense organs. In order to restore the balance you have to take special natural medicines and receive procedures. At first diagnostics is performed to individually prescribe a certain course for each patient.

The treatment is done with:

  • Therapy (water healing, massages, natural medicines)
  • Diets (day regimen and diet)
  • Prevention (system of body detox, strengthening and care procedures)

A lot of attention is given to patients pulse, its vibration and changes.
By interpreting the results of an ancient method of pulse measurement the same amount of information can be received as from a traditional medical scans.

Ayurvedic approach for treatment and life is based on learning to “hear” your body and consider its needs.
It is the only way to keep emotional equilibrium and progress spiritually and morally.

Basic Ayurvedic procedures

Medical, revitalizing tourism is a fine opportunity to come in contact with the enigmatic ancient Indian medicine.

Your body will be purified, its normal functions restored. You will come back home looking younger and full of life.

Medical tours to India are a good remedy for those who want to boost the immunity, get rid of major diseases, and regain beauty and peace of mind. These are the most popular procedures:

Invigorating massage with natural oils;

  • Pizhichili – oil baths
  • Nasyam – nasal area treatment incl. migraines
  • Kizhi treatment cures chronic diseases
  • Svedana – steam detox procedure
  • Shirodhara – procedures to strengthen the head
  • Marma – stimulation of reflex zones

Yoga, mediation and diets are powerful aspects, however Panchakarma is one of the most important and unique procedure, which allows a 5-step body detox. It restores natural balance, unroots the causes of somatic diseases.

Help in receiving Indian visa

Indian medical science is valued in USA, Europe and universally. Every year, hundreds of tourists embark on a journey to this mysterious country, to come into contact with the source of ancient medicine and regain good health.  Kerala, Karnataka and Goa host the best medical centers. Hotels and clinics facilitate all the means so tourists can combine treatment and recreation in full comfort.

Medical tourism from USA an EUROPE (EU) to India is one of Panchakarma Club Company main lines of business.

Our agents will be glad to help you with choosing a tour and will provide all required information on each tour, hotels and clinics. We also offer help if you require Ayurvedic visa for treatment, a family or a business trip. Visa process usually takes 4-10 days.

# Visa type Validity Entry amount
1 Tourist 180 days multiple/single/double
2 Transit 15 days single/double
3 Business visa 5 years Multiple
4 Work visa 1 year(contract period) Multiple
5 Student course duration / 5 years Multiple
6 Foreigners with Indian roots. 5 years Multiple
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