Liver threating

Our liver is a vitally important organ, which works as a filter of sorts in our body, delivering it from toxins and takes the main weight of the attack, if we consume alcohol, junk food, and drugs. Liver deceases are often manifest themselves only in a run down stage, because the liver is a “silent” organ, which demonstrates its sorry condition only when serious pathologies such as cirrhosis are developed.

To cure this and other deceases different drugs are available, but in a lot of cases its not only ineffective but also harmful to the liver.  Also it is a well-known fact that such treatments in USA and EUROPE are quite expensive!

Indian sages since olden times believe that all deceases in our bodies are a result of energy misbalance in our bodies.  A medical system of Ayurveda has been developed from this knowledge, which is considered a science of long and healthy life. A treatment in India is done by:

  • Herbs intake
  • Massage
  • Yoga asanas, physical exercises aimed for invigoration
  • Proper food and special diet.

Our program also includes other prevention measures. In this way your liver is cured and body is detoxed, spiritual, physical and energy balance is restored, allowing full invigoration.

Special health tours to India facilitate a multi-stage efficient liver treatment, without harmful drugs.

Medical tours to India to cure liver diseases.

“” Company is organizing health tours to India, all treatment and procedures are performed according to the rules of Ayurveda under guidance of true masters of this science. Company will gladly organize a revitalizing tour aimed for a systematical safe and efficient liver treatment to the renown and best health centers of India from USA, (Europe) to India – USA – (Europe)) for you, taking care of such details as an Indian visa, airplane tickets, etc.


Visas to India

#Type of visaPeriod of validityHow many times can be usedAdditional documentationPossibility of extending from India
1Tourist180 daysMultiple, single, doubleStandard set (see below)No
2Transit15 daysSingle or doublePlane tickets to a third country and a visa (if necessary)No
3Business visa to India5 yearsMultipleConfirmation of the purpose of the trip (for example, an invitation letter)Yes
4Work visa1 year / contract periodMultipleConfirmation of work (document on employment), terms and conditions of work.Yes
5Student visaCourse period / 5 yearsMultipleProof of admission to the Indian Institute.Yes
6Foreigners who having Indian origin5 yearsMultipleProof of Indian origin.Yes