Health tours to Inida


Vast majority of people have no clue how important the purification procedures are to the body. Ayurvedic recreation is not a simple manipulation to clean the body, but also a system of actions for a relaxation: bathing, bath, massage, meditation, and yoga. It will help not only to maximize your body health, but also to find peace of mind.

During our life we accumulate a lot of toxins, which influence our health. Quite often we hear complains concerning such conditions as: increased fatigability, weakness, gastrointestinal tract disfunction, nervous breakdowns. Tours to India from USA and Europe offer a solution –  Ayurveda. Such trips will allow you to gain strength and energy and to leave far behind all general state complaints.

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Choosing Ayurveda tour to India

You have a wonderful possibility to visit new country, and improve your health. Ayurvedic recreation in an Indian SPA centre – provides professional therapy and full relaxation.

tury-s-lecheniem3Treatments are usually carried out in two main directions:

  • Therapy
  • and Diet.

Therapy stands for treatment with natural components – herbs and oils, which includes massages and water procedures. Recreation and treatment in India are accompanied by the proper diet based on vegetables and minerals. A lot attention is paid to the body care by individual procedures for rejuvenation, and also spiritual purification – the art of meditation. Trips to India with treatments are rather popular among our compatriots. Patients receive a quality medical care in the clinics, along with consultations covering all questions. Accommodation, food and leisure are guaranteed by the trustworthy tour operator trusted by millions of tourists.

Ayurveda in India: the prices, tour price.

We offer you the best conditions and price for restorative treatment in India. You will be able to choose an optimum place and trip duration, to choose clinic and experts who will conduct your course of therapy. Different travel companies in USA and Europe offer recreational and treatment tours in Asia. We have developed tours, which combine a good quality:

  •  tury-s-lecheniem2Treatment.
  •  Invigoration.
  •  Recreation.
  •  Leisure.

Prices for Ayurveda tour from USA and Europe to GOA, and also to other corners of the Asian coast are available in our catalog.

The price for an Ayurvedic treatment tour in India is influenced by such factors as: the place of vacation  – clinic and its facilities, tour duration, procedures – panchakarma, yoga, meditation, sightseeing and other recreation – excursions with the English-speaking guide. Price for an Ayurvedic tours may vary depending on the resort. The most popular destinations are: GOA, Rishikesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka. We provide our customers with tour itinerary in advance, so you could pick up the tour according to your expectations. To give rest to the body and soul, to put thoughts in order and to gain the new strength and new impressions all of this is achieved by health tours to India. Dare to forget for a while about problems and hassle! Order the tour now!

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