Dream vacation with health benefit its Panchakarma tour to Kerala

Panchakarma in Kerala

Panchakarma tour to Kerala is a real way to know yourself, and an experience that you will never forget! Ancient practises, meditation, yoga and many healthful systems are able to change lifestyle of a modern person.

Those who once visited India will change their lives and never return to the past. After helth-improving therapy, heart-to-heart conversations with doctors, seminars and just warm talks with other clients all ideas about life will be changed.

Panchakarma tour is finding yourself first and foremost. A new wave that everybody should feel.


Panchakarma in Kerala – a lode of accomplishments and health

Panchakarma in Kerala is a true choice! After all, the majority of therapeutic clinics are located here and there are enough solid reasons for it:

  • Kerala is the most ecologically clean region in the whole India;
  • Nature is amazing here;
  • Countless amount of various monuments of architecture, some of them have more than thousand years.
  • The warm waters of the blue sea wash the western part of the Indian land;
  • The state is the most popular among rich local varna that is why here you can see posh pure white villas almost at each step;
  • The lack of discos, bars and nightclubs allows you to fully immerse yourself in self-understanding of your «I».


Real Kerala residents astonish by their politeness and education. Despite all the difficulties and challenges, they were able to preserve and carry their knowledge through the millennia carefully storing each parchment.


Healthful Panchakarma in Kerala

Panchakarma tour to Kerala is a multi-day rest, relaxation and of course a whole range of health procedures.

Here patients can become acquianted with North or Kerala school of Panchakarma that include several stages:

  • Preparatory activities. At this step it is recommended strictly to keep rest, relax and many hours sleep. According to ancient tractates, only in a calm state of mind a person can begin meditation and healing. Also at preparatory stage a person diet and easy Ayurvedic massages are selected for a person individually.
  • Procedures performance. The second and most important step includes realization of all health-improving activities. A doctor with a frequency of several days, depending on the patient’s condition, carries out five important therapies focused on different organs and diseases.
  • A final step. The last step also implies rest and relaxation. Any body disturbance is sure accompanied with certain stressful states. Both Ayurveda and Hinduism cannot brook speed and tenseness. It is very important to «catch the wave» of bliss and meditating relaxation. After full recover of soul and body the doctors let the patient go home with ease.


A real Panchakarma in Kerala can last from one week to several months. It all depends on the condition of the client, his acceptability of certain procedures and the desire to prolong his rest.


Going to Panchakarma tour do not forget

Panchakarma in Kerala consists not only of sessions of bloodletting and hirudotherapy. Patients can experience a lot of interesting places in the state between procedures with doctor’s permission.

In this part of India, martial art is very developed, which according to ancient legends God Parashuram brought himself. So, he is the only one who was able to liberate caste of warries from tyrannical dominion. Those who wish can spend the evening watching interesting performances arranged by the residents.

And for dedicated followers of theatre life ancient art Kathakali will be like a strike a chord.

But the only way to experience all of the above for yourself is to go to an unforgettable Panchakarma tour to Kerala.

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