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Ayurveda center «IndRa» is located at Zdrava Dacha in Kungurka village, 40 km from Ekaterinburg, in the heart of Ural…

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  • Panchakarma – course is 7 days
  • Panchakarma – course is 14 days
  • Panchakarma – course is 14 days (the full treatment course)

* Individual programs after consultation with a doctor

Special programs:

  • Anti-stress 3,5,7 days
  • Healthy joints 7 days
  • Healthy back 7 days
  • Rejuvenation 7 days
  • Silent Retreat 2 days
  • Shapeliness 7 days


Duration: 7-28 Days

1 час процедур в день.

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Duration: 7-28 Days

2 часа процедур в день.

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Rimma Ozornina

Specialist in Ayurveda and Panchakarma – cleansing and rejuvenation theraphy

Rimma Ozornina is a specialist in Ayurveda and Panchakarma – cleansing and rejuvenation theraphy (graduated in RUDN, Ayurveda department), a student of the doctor Ragozin B.V. (School of Ayurveda, Moscow, head of Ayurveda department, RUDN). She teaches the basics of yoga and meditation — the practice of mindfulness. A traveler – an organizator of Ayurveda tours to India, trekkings and Vipassana tours to Nepal.

The founder and head of Ayurveda center «IndRa» at Zdrava Dacha.


Ayurvedic Specialist

He was born in Kerala, South India.

He attended Ayurvedic College in Gujarat to become a Panchakarma specialist. He has more than 8 years of practice in Ayurvedic medicine.

Oleg Karabatov

Bath teacher

Steam Master. Winner of the Urals Bathing Championship “Bathing Union 2017”, winner of the Russian Championship “Bathing Russia 2017”. The author of his own bathing practices. Lecturer at the Academy of Bathing Business of the Bathing Union.

Alena Biyanova

Steam master

Alena Biyanova – a steam master, studies Ayurveda from the point of view its application in bath procedures and rituals.

Selects courses of cleansing steam in Panchakarma program, based on the individual body structure.

A herbalist using herbs during her bath and spa programs.


Occupancy :

Season :

Accommodation cost : Click on the price in the table to book a room.

The selected package is not available this season.
Room \ Number of days
Designer 82295 66949 0 164590 133899 0 241794 196707 0 322392 262276 0
Apartment 72168 61789 0 144336 123578 0 211470 181545 0 281960 242060 0
Comfort 62468 55678 0 124936 111356 0 183540 163590 0 244720 218120 0
Room \ Number of days
Designer 109028 93430 0 218056 186861 0 319599 274512 0 426132 366016 0
Apartment 98455 88270 0 196910 176540 0 289275 259350 0 385700 345800 0
Comfort 88949 82159 0 177898 164318 0 261345 241395 0 348460 321860 0


Panchakarma program cost includes:

  • accommodation in the room of the selected category;
  • vegetarian food in accordance with your procedures;
  • Wi-Fi
  • Ayurvedic procedures course;
  • bath treatment;
  • consultations of Ayurveda specialist during the whole course;
  • Yoga practices;
  • cleansing tea and herbs.


  • A big choice of massages and health-improving practices.


  • Wi-Fi;
  • Laundry room;
  • Room service.

The cost does not include

  • Additional medicines.



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Designer room, striking with its decoration, carved wood, rich fabrics. Luxurious room “Maharaj” will be the perfect frame for a Mature, passionate relationship … in the interior of the bed with a canopy and a soft headboard, a sofa and a bath on the “lion’s paws”, in which you can lie in rose petals and drink champagne.

Room Amenities:

  • sofa
  • double bed
  • bathroom and toilet separately
  • hairdryer


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Homely cozy two-room apartment located on the ground floor with its own porch.
The room consists of a bedroom and a fully equipped kitchen with a stove, refrigerator and other necessary utensils. The kitchen has a Russian stove, where you can light a fire and cozy sitting around him, sipping tea with raspberry jam. The bathtub available in the room will allow you to relax and find yourself.


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Charming white room on the attic floor. A slight bevel on the ceiling lends French romance. Furniture made of precious wood pleases the eye with its elegant lines. The room has a bathroom with a shower, upholstered furniture and a workplace where you can comfortably sit with your companion laptop.

Room Amenities:

  • double bed,
  • shower and WC,
  • hairdryer


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