Ayurveda of the heart and vessels

Ayurveda of the heart and vessels

Ayurveda considers the vessels and the heart as the most important system of the body, requiring proper attention and care. A modern world influences on the cardiovascular system negatively that is why almost every person has its disbalances time to time. Ayurveda considers the heart to be a receptacle of consciousness and soul; therefore it is capable of reflecting deep-laid problems of a personality.

Ayurveda treats the heart by means of special methods including another type of food, yoga exercises, herbal mixtures and many others.


The reasons of heart disease and vessels as per Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, the heart is connected with emotions very tight that is why it is required to normalize the activity of a nervous system.

A lot of negative factors can be the reason of heart disease, including:

  1. frequent stresses;
  2. emotional sufferings;
  3. overfatigue;
  4. chronic fatigue;
  5. hereditary background;
  6. chronic diseases and even age.


Ayurveda cleans vessels in the body of a sick person by means of special medicines and oil. By removing toxins from the human body, Ayurvedic practice restores the cardiac rhythm, emotional state, sleep, tonicity of the heart and vessels. Ayurveda cleans vessels by using of non toxical phytopreparations that do not have side effects.


The main types in Ayurveda of the heart disease

Preliminary symptoms of different heart diseases are numbness or chest pain, esthesia of heart beat, insomnia.

Ayurveda of the heart deals with such diseases as:

  • blood-strokes;
  • heart attacks;
  • breast pang
  • arteriosclerosis;


Other symptoms, informing about the need for Ayurveda of heart, are cyanosis of the lips, loss of consciousness, difficult breathing, and fever. Alternative medicine separates Vata, Pitta and Kapha-type diseases.


Ayurveda of brain vessels

Ayurveda of vessels is required both for disease treatment and prevention of its development.  The body of a person depends completely on the state of his brain.

The vessels treatment with Ayurveda is based on the type of a disease and also the balance of three doshas.  Ayurveda of vessels implies exclusion of anxiety, decreased physical and mental activity, yoga and meditation, as well as special nutrition. The vessels treatment with Ayurveda also involves inclusion of medicinal herbs into therapy.


Blood pressure in Ayurveda and factors affecting it

Ayurveda treats pressure with such plants as red and black pepper, garlic, tumeric, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom. The use of specific herbal preparations depends on the disease and body structure of a patient. Ayurveda normilizes pressure in the combination with common state improvement.


Ayurveda of the heart – vein diseases and their treatment

Ayurveda is able to treat veins much better than traditional medicine.  The venous system is a single organism, and therefore the disease occurs everywhere. But it can be found out only at the weakest areas.  Vein treatment with Ayurveda is necessary, as the venous system is responsible for the removal of toxins and poisons from the body of person. It is specially pending for people with low metabolism.  Ayurveda starts vein treatment with the restructuring of the day; the vein treatment itself with Ayurveda requires a set of techniques.


Where is better to carry out the treatment of heart, veins and vessels by means of Ayurveda?

Heart treatment with Ayurveda is most effective only in India, since medical teaching has been developing for thousands of years in this territory. Presently Ayurveda clinics in India offer the fullest complex of procedures that is prepared for each person individually.

Treatment of the heart and vessels in India can be both physically rewarding journey and emotional background restoring thanks to new emotions. You can ask more about conditions of Ayurveda clinic visit in India at a contact number of travel carrier.

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